Call For Papers


Digital Childhood and Child Well-being

Deadline for Submission: October 15, 2023

Journal of Media Literacy Studies is Turkey’s first academic periodical journal on media literacy, founded with the aim of bringing together the relevant research and education, taking the current developments and the search for new literacy into consideration. The Journal of Media Literacy Studies, a peer-reviewed and open access journal, continues to focus on themes that directly affect daily life such as ‘child and media’, ‘family and media’, ‘media analysis’, ‘digital games’, ‘digitalization and ethics’, ‘digitalization and law’ and ‘media literacy education’. From this perspective, the title of our third issue, which will be published in December 2023, is determined as “Childhood and Child Well-being“. The Editors welcome submissions of scholarly articles, reviews, and commentary on any topic relevant to the title, particularly the following:

  • Digitization and Childhood
  • IT Law and Children’s Digital Rights
  • Children and Ethics in Digital Life
  • Digital Games and Children
  • Child Well-being
  • Education and Children in the Digital Age
  • Parenting and Childhood in the Digital Age
  • Digital Platforms and Children
  • Child Privacy and Safety in Digital Environments
  • Safe Internet and Children

You can send your articles and reviews on If you have any questions, please contact us, please the editorial office at