Aim and Scope

Journal of Media Literacy Studies

Media literacy is the integration of knowledge and skill that will enable to recognize, comprehend and consciously use the possibilities and challenges of the already-established media order and the digital world by utilizing the knowledge accumulation of “media and communication education”, which is defined as the training of professional experts and by utilizing “media and communication studies” as a scientific activity. Media literacy, which is one of the ever-expanding research areas within the scope of media and communication studies, is attempted to be spread for active citizenship education that points to recognizing and comprehending the world and developing a quality life practice, while at the same time it is regarded as one of the tools to overcome information disorder. Therefore, the concepts of critical thinking, effective communication and being an active citizen come into prominence by being associated with the media and communication field.

Based on such a need and necessity, the Journal of Media Literacy Research aims to begin its publication life as Turkey’s first journal on media literacy as an academic periodical journal that deals with research and education together without neglecting the current developments and the search for new literacy in the context of the expansion and spread of digitalization.


Journal of Media Literacy Studies aims to make a qualified contribution to social sciences, humanities and educational sciences at national and international level in the field of media literacy, which is one of the important issues within the scope of media and communication studies. Accordingly, this journal aims to create new discussion areas by publishing academic articles, especially research and evaluation articles; news, movie, game and advertisement analysis, book reviews, case studies, interviews, etc.


Journal of Media Literacy Studies is a peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal published twice a year, in June and December. This journal, in which articles written in Turkish and English will be evaluated, aims to raise new questions in the field of media literacy by making the most of the possibilities and potential of academic knowledge in Turkey and around the world, to prioritize research that is consistent and strong in terms of theory and methodology, to develop policy in terms of analysis, attaches importance to and aims the emergence of original works that are expected to contribute to the fields of education and practice.

Journal of Media Literacy Studies acts with the aim of being a forum that will enable the production and sharing of information and ideas about new developments in media literacy research and education. Acting as a journal that is open to the contributions of academics, educators, media and communication professionals and prioritizes a critical media literacy approach, it will endeavor to publish interdisciplinary research and educational materials that also address different media literacy approaches such as liberal/mainstream and protectionist.